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Journal Journal: Opteron

In two years, when I can get one for $75 or so, I'll be getting a single Opteron. This Fall will bring me a $75 Barton 2500+.

Seems as though this Opteron architecture will commoditize the 4 and 8-way space. Good competition for the pathetic 2.0ghz XeonMP which sells now for about $3,500 apiece. What a joke!

We have $20,000 Xeon 4-ways, $35,000 4-way Itanics and $40,000 4-way SPARCs.

By this time next year, how will the carnage look?

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Journal Journal: I Like StarOffice

And need to fire it up if I want to post or even read on Slashdot. I'm still using KDE/Konquerer 2.0.1 and for some reason, Slashdot poops out bigtime. Seems most of the SO naysayers are worried about 'converting' Word files. How come they don't complain when Micros**t comes out with a new version of their monster and it doesn't convert well? THey live with it.
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Journal Journal: I think AMD is having Yield Problems

With their Palominos. They keep pushing back the intro date for the 1.5ghz Athlon 4. Now they say October.

Some pundits say it is because AMD is facing a capacity crunch, but if that was so, they wouldn't need to lower their prices so drastically. Imaging a 1.4 Athlon for only $115.

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