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Journal Journal: Tired Net actions

O.k. here is my rant, so read it or move on please.

These things are what I call netactions that are pissing me off.

1. Every freakin site wanting you to register with them, WTF! Do you freaking people know how many website one person visits? Just to get updates for Linux games i have to registar with five different download site. You might be thinking why not use the same user name and pass for each, but it is still the fact that I gotta fill out some bullcrapp wait for an email click respond back and search through the site again to find the file.

2. Piss poor "31137" dudes on news site who think they are so cool by responding to everyone as "have you even tried google?" or post links to google site because they think the questions are stupid. Instead of giving answers how about guiding the person abit throught the documentation and tell them_WHY_it work a certain way. That would be like a non-mechanicaly inclined person taking a car to the auto shop and having the mechanic give the person a Chiltons manual and saying RTFM before I'll help you.

3. Registered /. users who us the anonymous subition because they are scared they might be against the norm.

4. Every freakin SCO story being posted, make a different link.

5. Websites that won't let you on because you don't want thier cookie, sure it's a trade off cuz I don't want to visit thier site anymore.

6. Pr0n sites that recycle pictures, cheap bastards.

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Journal Journal: No Subject

Only a little bit longer until I finish my degree and I think about what the hell to do next. Gotta a baby on the way and now I'm starting to plan more time away from the computer. This is changing everything, I want to spend more time with the family. I want to travel more, have fun more. I guess this is my 12 step program from computers. I can't see spending so much time from my life and family in front of the computer. Beside the from what I have noticed "Geeks" are more critical of each other than anyone else. They might be outcasts but they cast themselves out among each other. Any how I wish the poloticians-oh shit here comes the storm.


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Journal Journal: Rant About Italy.

O.k. I have been living in this country for about five years, and I have noticed some things about it. The mindset here is more relaxed. When a store says they'll be open at 10AM it is really +/- 20 Minutes (IN the north anyway) Driving is an art over here, by that I mean a two lane road can automatically become a four lane with room for parking, just don't hit the police when you pass them. The food is great and so is the wine. It just strikes my as being odd, when I'm having dinner some where and the police are guzzing down liters of wine-while on duty, and they even bust people for DUI, while they themselves are drunk! Any how the main complaint about this country is customer service, or the lack of. If you buy something from a store, take it home and notice it's broke, you would think you can take it back for a refund or an exchange. Well you can't if you're lucky you will get an exchange but more than likely the store owner will accuse you of trying to rip him off and will tell you to leave because your making a scene. The electric and gas companies don't charge you what your bill really is, they estimate you bill for you, and you have to pay up-even if it's too much because they will always refund you, in a couple of months or years. The telephone service, well they have DSL but are V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W at getting it around. I was supposed to have it two years ago. The closest station is two miles away! Any how enough ranting, yes I'm pissed because I still don't have DSL-even with the signature of about 600 other people in my little area that want it too! They just don't have the time, well between a three hour lunch break who can blame them.


Journal Journal: I should be a Music Producer

I should be a music producer, well really I should be the guy (Yes I am male hear me roar) the decides what songs get turned into Videos, or even get put on the radio. Why do you ask? Well I'm telling you to ask me damn it! Well besides the fact that I have been playing the Trumpet, Baritone, Tube, since I was 8 Bass guitar, and Drum Machine since I was 14 I have a good ability to feel the music. Granted the only music I can actually feel to dance to is Latino, or something with a hip beat, albeit Rap, Hip-Hop, Trace, Techno, Some classical. I have a God Given ability to know what songs will make it and which will not, better yet I can also tell which country it will be a hit. By that I mean if you give me a song and ask me if it will be a hit in country I can tell you. I love music, all kinds (except country, no dissing my country brothers and sisters but I can't dig it) any how I love music, specially the underground, the street-garage music of young artists making their hearts into the notes on the sheet. I support all "non-popular" band and encourage them by donating to independent record labels. Soon well hopefully soon you will be able to goto my web site and see what I have to say about these bands. It will also help if they send me their material, and it will also help if you all who read this understand that I am in the military and Uncle Sam is busy with my future. God bless_us_all and may the angles watch over my brothers and sisters on the front line.


Journal Journal: The smarter you get, the dumber they are!

Well I used to think that my work experience would be enough to get my through the world-yeah right. I might fix laser's and IR imagery, but that is not enough, I don't want grunt around for the rest of my life, so I started school about two years ago. And I find it amazing how much wisdom can change ones mind. These kids that I go to school with are about ten years younger than I am and they are dumb. Well let's say %65. Remember though I got to a school with fellow military workers where we get 100% tuition assistance (the price for going where ever uncle Sam tells you!) So everyone and their mother is going, people that shouldn't go. I have a conservative (American style) look at life.
Every one has a place in society, not everyone is born to be a Bill Gates, a famous actor, a great programmer. This bullshit that people feed you " You just have to put your mind to it, you can do anything" is just to make the people that have made it feel better. Look at how many black Americans growing up in the hood actually make it as a B-Ball player or a rap star. It all a freaking lie. So you might ask what in the hell does this have to do with anything?
The answer is, as much as I want to be a programmer I won't be. I started too late in the game, and in today society a 30+ green-ear programmer is not worth the investment. So I will stick to management, albeit(this word should be outlawed) a program manager of some sort toward computers and Linux. So with that I wont get paid much either, but I don't care, if I can continue like I am now I will be happy. As long as my kids can have good clothes, great toys, and we can go traveling. To close:

Not everyone deserves an education, some don't have the capacity, and other not the desire so don't think that it is your right to have one, you have to earn it.

Is not a military preacher an oxymoron?

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Journal Journal: UMUC

Freaking school, I love school, always a great place to learn "stuff".
Well at my illustrious school, University of Maryland (European campus since I'm overseas) they are some real money Nazi's. Not only do they charge full university prices, but they offer the classes in eight weeks rather than 12-14. You have just enough time to spit out what they tell you and be hurdled through the next class. Any how it's a shame also since they only cater towards the general degree's I have to take my Unix course through distance education, and those classes are 16 weeks long! Talk about extremes! Anyhow 'm going to be the only IFSM degree holder with nothing but Unix. I would go for a CMIS but they don't even offer that, well geared towards Unix cuz everything is Windows here. While taking a C++ course I had to install windows cuz the teacher would only accept programs compiled for windows, he still believe Bill Gates is god. Please tell me the world is not like this!

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Journal Journal: Case Mod

Well I'm just about finished with it. For my first case mod I'm pretty impressed. Not like the other lackies at the PC Wars group. Bunch of "BUy and Fly" boyz who think they are far smarter than Linux because they have the newest point releases of all software, and that they can format and reload windows. ANy how I'l through some pic on the net when it's done.

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Journal Journal: This system

One thing I have noticed is that if one is not in the ?in? crowd your posts don?t mean too much. Well that is not really true you just have to know what to post. There are different types of posts that get modded up.
1. The intellectual post, a kind that would take a typical /. geek at least three hours of searching to disprove.
2. A funny post that can crack a joke about a post made recently, or so geek-dome idiom.
3. Link posts. These are the most rewarding. You can just goto www.google.com type in the subject matter and post a few select links as your message body. This is considered the ?informative? post. Funny enough the first person to post these usually will climb to a 5 very fast. It?s funny because most geeks here know how to use google, they just don?t want to do the extra typing.

I think I?ll get a spell checker for christmas!

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