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Journal Journal: Well, I got gentoo installed. 2

So, I finally got gentoo installed. I'm using version 1.4...kinda. The official release of 1.4 isn't out yet. But, my whole system has been compiled with gcc 3.2 using some crazy optimizations. Everything seems pretty stable. I'm having some problems with sound (alsa) and I experience some crashes due to APM being messed. I just recompiled the kernel and I'm hoping that upon reboot I won't have the problems anymore. Getting X configured was a chore. But, now that I got it going in gentoo, I'm pretty sure that I could do it with debian as well. I think I might stay with gentoo for a little while. I don't really need it to be source based. But, I really like having a package management system that has automatic dependency resolution. I'm going back to school in 2 days. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my server going while I'm there. Of course the server will stay at the house. It should be fun remotely administering a server for 10 months out of the year. We'll see...


Journal Journal: So...first post?

So, I tried installing gentoo on my main machine a little while back. I wanted to dual boot gentoo and winxp. Gentoo is really cool because it is a source based distribution and has nothing to do with rpm. It installed just fine with the compilations of gcc and glibc and all the others going just fine. However, I couldn't get grub to work so I couldn't boot into my new os to continue setting up kde3 and gnome2 and x4.2. So, I'm falling back on the old trusty mandrake because I don't have linux on my desktop right now and becuase the new 9.0beta2 comes with kde3 and gnome2 and x4.2. We'll see how it goes. I'm just going to post ramblings about computers in this journal because I feel like I rarely have anyone to talk to about these kind of things. So, why not write to myself...but, a me from the future. :o)

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