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Submission + - Could RealPlayer 11 encourage more DRM? (

mrspin writes: The most useful, and controversial, feature of the upcoming version of Real's media player, RealPlayer 11, is the ability to download almost any online video to a user's hard drive. This includes content from YouTube and Google Video for example, as well as mainstream media Internet properties such as Comedy Central or — regardless of whether those site's terms and conditions rule out downloading and saving video. In fact, the only content that RealPlayer 11 won't enable users to save a copy of are those videos that explicitly use Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. Therefore, if products like RealPlayer 11 become popular with users, might this lead to more online video sites employing the use of DRM?

Submission + - Cellphones can disable Nissan car keys

MSRedfox writes: Nissan has stated that having your car key too close to your cell phone can wipe out the data on these high tech keys, effectively leaving one stranded with no way to start their car. "We discovered that if the I-Key touches a cellphone, outgoing or incoming calls have the potential to alter the electronic code inside the I-Key" N2424455020070524 With more and more devices going high tech, is this going to become an even bigger problem in the future?

Submission + - Most Popular Hi-Tech Trendency in 2007(Games)

rabbitiger writes: "The Great Console War of 2007 Most-Popular-Hi-Tech-Tendency-in-2007.html The Christmas period saw the release of the Play station 3 and with that console wars began again. It is inevitable that every generation of consoles have to compete fiercely with each other to control the market, Sony have been the victors with the PS3's predecessors and were quietly confident that they would dominate again. However they may have bitten off more than they can chew with their new machine and so far things have not gone well. Initially plagued by shortages of consoles due to problems in their manufacture, even with the reduced availability the expected rush to buy all the available consoles in America just didn't happen and eBay prices which had started at $2000 dollars before the launch had fallen to just $700 1 week before Christmas. Clearly people aren't as addicted to the PS3 as Sony would have hoped, so what has changed? The Xbox 360 was released over a year ago now but it has had time to establish itself more firmly than the original Xbox did and thanks to some of the awesome games available on it sold more than twice what the PS3 did over the Christmas period alone. Things are looking good in the future too with a steady stream of high quality games including the highly anticipated Halo 3. If the previous games are anything to go by then this will be the must have game for 2007. The Wii is Nintendo's latest attempt at console since the poorly received Gamecube and arrived on the American Market a few weeks before the PS3. Reports are good so far, the console is very innovative and if reports are true it is one of the first consoles to actually have grandparents wanting to play them (something I didn't expect to happen till I was a grandparent myself). It has outsold the PS3 in America & Japan so far and with classic games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid all receiving the remake treatment and it's innovative and fun controller design we can expect it to continue to do well. However the Gamecube was largely ignored outside of Japan and Nintendo will be hoping this doesn't happen again. So which console is the most likely to be king of the hill when all the dust settles? It's hard to say at the moment, the PS3 is bound to do well but with the cost of the Wii and the Xbox 360 combined being lower than Sony's new console people might not be as loyal as Sony hope. Sony are the only console manufacturer to not have produced a lame duck yet and it might be prudent to wait to see how it does in the coming months before being one of the first to own one."

Submission + - Vista developers forgot where the drivers are

Frustrated developer writes: "In a hurry to get Vista released it looks like the developers forgot to search the system folders while looking for device drivers. As a result many Vista users are left with USB mass storage devices, cameras etc. that used to work perfectly on Win XP but Vista cannot find any drivers for them. The drivers are all there of course, you just need to explicitly tell Vista to look in the damn windows\system32 folder!! From 058238"

Submission + - Its now M.S or MBA

USBANKER writes: "Market Experts please advise. I am completing my Engineering Degree from one of the professional colleges in India.I am in a dilemma.One school of thoughts advise me to go for that course will lead me to management of any assignments.Other stress for Engineering by taking up GRE. What the Job market says? USbanker"

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