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Journal Journal: So this is the /. journal system...

Interesting - since it's been a few weeks/months since I last bothered to log in (really now, it's about the same effort to set the comments to +2 and ignore Katz as it is to log so why bother?) so this is an interesting change.

Only question I have is why? Is slashdot moving from a news a discussion site to something more like k5? Do they feel the need to involve people in an interactive communtity all of a sudden? Or is the cost of bandwidth dropping and I didn't notice....

Not being one to feel the need to constantly update my thoughts and feelings diary sytle at all let alone in a format that would allow easy viewing by a hundred thousand people online I know I won't ever use this past this first post to see how it handles. I'm sure it will take off well - enough sites do something similar that it does seem have a following. Something about the effects computers and the internet have on isolating people that a system like this makes people think that they are really connecting with their fellow humans.

One last thought - lobby to have have Taco install a spell checker for the journal system - that way the editors of /. can use it before posting stories.


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