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Comment "probably" much higher? (Score 3, Interesting) 196

120 billion euro? Internets, you so funny.

To put things in perspective:

1. Estimates of just medicare/medicaid fraud in the US easily approach $100 billion. I'd bet those estimates are conservative.

2. Medicare/medicaid spending is only about a fifth of the US budget. (That doesn't necessarily mean that total US fraud is 5 times the above figure, but suggests it's much larger than $100B.).

3. The Eurozone's GDP is about equal to (slightly larger than) that of the US.

Put it all together, and tell me with a straight face that fraud in the Eurozone is 120 billion euro (about $160 billion). Keep in mind that for every Sweden there's an Italy.
Yeah, it's "probably" much higher, like the Broncos "probably" lost.

Comment something is worst, ever alright. (Score 3, Informative) 132

According to the second article above provided by krunster, the hackers posted this message with the data dump:

"South African Police Service Web site hacked database and e-mails leaked. The reason for this action is to serve as a reminder to the government regarding the murders of 34 protesting miners outside the Marikana platinum mine by police. To date no officers have been brought to justice... This situation will NOT be tolerated. #OpMarikanaMiners @domaineranon.”

So in response to the alleged 34 murders, the hackers expose 16000 names of innocent people to "punish" the cops? This would be like punishing Hitler by gassing American Jews.

If even one of those 16K people is killed as a result of this, the hackers become accessories to murder, in my book.

Comment Re:Damn it, Torvolds! (Score 1) 661

I threw the 80 columns rule out a decade ago.

Typesetters use fairly rigid rules about how many characters-wide text should be, in order to be easily readable. If you're filling a widescreen with one window of wrapped text, there is no way it is readable.

Also, for the mathematically inclined, 16:10 is a close approximation of the golden ratio.

That's pretty much the point: beauty before function.

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