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Journal Journal: What the hell?!

So, when did SCO turn into Microsoft? I mean, it would be alright if they had a case, or at least a constituency, but christ. They've got nothing. Linux is all about choice - choice in GUI, choice in browsers, choice in every piece of software you run.

Also, DRM. Apple's is at least palatible. That's it, I'm done with Microsoft. I'll never buy another piece of Microsoft software, and SCO can blow me.

As someone once pointed out, buy a copy of SCO Unix for $5 with GPL, and when they come a knocking, tell them you already purchased a license for their bloody software. Show them the CD is they persist. They can't do a damn thing about it.

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Journal Journal: Malt Liquor

You know, more people should drink "40's". They are quite good - kind of like decent European beer.

Check it out, folks. $2.19 for seven beers' worth of alcohol, and it actually tastes good.

If you think it's "ghetto", you're racist. j/k.

Journal Journal: First post, long time user 1

Does anyone know how to get a job in Central Florida or Southern California with lots of certifications (A+, Net+, Security+, MCSA 2003 - Security) but little experience (only 4 years)?

I'm looking for network security, especially.

I'm right out of college, and a little worried. I have damn good recommendations.

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