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Comment Re:Idiot programmers (Score 3, Interesting) 494

All this, caused by someone too lazy to add a "if (country == USA)" statement.

All this thread and your comment about country==USA reminds me a problem my wife and I are facing now with SEVIS, DMV, and Immigration Services. When we tried to get our Driver License, we had problem because our prove of legal residence didn't match with the records of Immigration Services. Specifically, we appear as Ivory Cost citizens but we are Chileans. Trying to find out what the problem is, I discovered that my DS-2019 in the country code field has CI, the Ivory Coast code. But that was not the problem!!! SEVIS (a DB of students in US and part of the Homeland Security) use other kind of Coding for the countries. This coding is called "The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 10-4", and it is different of the code used by Immigration services (another office in the same Homeland Security), the former use ISO-3166-1. In the FIPS code Chile is CI which is the Ivory coast in the ISO-3166-1 standard. This situation has generated a lot of problems, traveling to Immigration offices, then back to DMV, then office of Customs and Border Protection in the airport, etc. We still cannot get our driver license for this and other problems. But what is still surprising me is the way that public workers and bureaucrats try to avoid problems instead of resolve it. That way they have been seeing me again and again, week after week, with little sense of empathy for our situation and less sense of optimality for their own job. so... if (CodeStd==FIPS && CountryCode==CI) then Country=CHILE

Comment Re:It's True (Score 1) 168

Last month I watched in the TV news a story about the "Evil" p2p networks because thousands of tax declarations with relevant private information can be found in the ed2k network. That is stupid, how can you educate people not to share their entire HDD? The same happened years ago with open wifi networks. This is the eternal problem of politicians that try to face new technologies with secrecy and fear.

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