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Comment Re:No reason to celebrate now. (Score 1) 335

Define "completely". Is it better than IE8,7, etc? Yes. But it still lacks support for a lot of CSS3, things that WebKit and Firefox support. Note that I don't care if the standards have been ratified or not. In practice it just doesn't matter - the best browsers support it and MS should too. It is typical Microsoft half assed-support. You'd think a company with that much R&D money could produce a standards compliant browser in a timely fashion, but apparently it takes more than money to hire talented product manager and developers.

Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 568

I count 2 possibly 3 logical fallacies in your statement. If a are typically part of group x and b are typically part of group x it does not follow that b = a. Let alone that you've given no evidence to support that either a or b are typically part of group x. You've also failed to provide any link between liking an individual and being a terrorist. Yes your tautology is bad because it is nonexistant. There is no universal truth in any of your statements. Perhaps you meant the rhetoric usage instead of logic, then it makes sense. I am not a tea party member, but I generally agree with their views on the federal government. I see no more ignorance there that in any other group. I've met some astoundingly stupid conservatives in my day, but I've also met some astoundingly stupid liberals with masters degrees. If I were to judge you based on this post and make assumptions, much as you judge a group of people that you likely have zero experience with, I'd have to conclude that you are a fucking moron.

Comment Re:wow (Score -1, Offtopic) 145

The TSA are disgusting. I just had a fairly bad experience with them and I won't bore you with the details, but I will say categorically that John Pistole and company are lying about the procedures they use and how they go about things. At sky harbor airport in Phoenix they simply run everyone through the scanners - you can choose the scanner, the pat down or not to enter the secure area. that's it. I watched a news conference with TSA officials the night before I flew and they unequivocally state that you only get enhanced screening if you fail the other screening or are selected for some other reason and that on average only 3% are screened that way. Absolutely and completely untrue. And yeah, the TSA are "only doing their jobs". Well, yeah, so were the brownshirts in the 1930's. Our civil rights are being eroded on numerous fronts, but I guess it's all OK as long as no one misses the next episode of American Idol and everyone gets a shiny new iPhone. anyplace within 1,000 miles I need to go I'm driving, or I'm not going no matter how much I want to - I refuse to carry a bottle of lube with me everywhere I go.

Comment Re:The horror... (Score 1) 152

I have to disagree. In the mid 80s to mid 90s the case for UNIX, particularly SCO UNIX was particularly strong, and we typically 50% or less that the cost of a Novell or NT based network, especially if using dumb terminals. The problem was all the people who knew DOS couldn't figure out UNIX and would choose Novell or later, NT by default, even though it cost twice as much and ran half as fast and was half as reliable.

Comment Tau is already used (Score 1) 298

Tau is already used to describe the relationship of speed to the apparent speed of the passage of time. Also, both Pi and "Tau" are irrational, and since Tau is 2pi, this seems like a huge fucking waste of nerd time.

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