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Journal Journal: Microsoft, Linux and not being able to view StrongBad

You know what? I hate Microsoft. No, not because it's the popular thing to do on slashdot, rather, I hate them because of the proprietary stuff they force on the Internet. It's a royal pain in the ass.

Something else that pisses me off is that Macromedia has not fixed the audio desynch in their linux Flash distribution. It's really not that difficult guys, you count the frames, and if they don't match up, sync them! Oh well. That just means I'll need to use the windows computer to watch the weekly Strong Bad e-mails.

If anyone reads this, could you let me know if there is any legal reason why one would not distribute a linux distro on CD in a place of business? Granted, I'm sure some distro's would rather not have their material distributed on a physical format, but I think it would be cool to offer customers a free operating system (with a bright yellow sticker that says "Source Code Included" and another in a bright red star that says "100% Free").

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