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Journal Journal: Standing of people in your mind

I hate when you know someone for a while and give them a certain standing in your mind, and then all of a sudden they say something which sends your high view of them free-falling. such as when you find out someone is a racist :-(

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Journal Journal: NetCaffe's this is weird

Ok im sitting right now in a net caffe in the loft of a shopping center and its actually FULL (about 50 machines) there are about 10 people waiting to use machines. WTF?
Im trying to kill time before i go and see 'Goodbye lennin' for the second time :)

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Journal Journal: People in cars - what they miss

My freind ben has just baught his first car and has been driving it around for the last few weeks.
Its very comfortable and he got it ostensibly beacuse he disliked public transport.His points ranged from it being too crowded to feeling unsafe using it sometimes.True, it is nice to be able to get places at (compared to the bus) lightning speed but what are you missing when your in a car?
Yesterday i was returning home from helping at our sixth form's open day on the bus i started talking to a man called james who had recently moved to birmingham from telford. He was complaining about birmingham city centre's lack of toilets, at one point so desperate he was about to take a wizz at the back of the bus but i managed to persuade him to get off and find a tree.A month or so back i had just left the cinema after watching bowling for columbine on the big screen - again. I started chatting to a guy who had just gotten off his shift working for central trains, a thouroughly interesting guy and after the bus arrived we chatted until i got off the bus near my house.
I don't chat with many people on the bus, usually people who first say something to me or who make a broadcast comment (My phrase for something said for everyone to hear but not neccesarily requiring a response - such as someone uttering "Typical" when a bus zooomes past and doesent stop.) but i still like occasional banter between the bus riding public.
Car users miss these kind of things, they speak with the people they know at work and go directly home and speak to the same people they know there, sure they meet other people but usually at set locations and people who are similar to them. On the bus it's all random today you may meet a teacher tomorow a drunk 22 year old comming home from clubbing,

but people you never meet are car people and they never meet you....

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Journal Journal: Bodily output mechanisms

I hate this, my mind has so many good/cool/brillient ideas . Things i want to make or draw or paint but i just cant. Im absolutely crap at anything like that, my drawings look poor , my paintings suck and everything i make is never how i want it- usually doesent even fit togeather properly. and it frustrates me beacue i have all the information up there but my hands dont translate that into anything like what i wanted.

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Journal Journal: Found in the attick

Digging through some old stuff in my attick i found a scruffy peice of paper with my (even scruffyer) handwriting on it from the first time i used a computer and had written down instructions on how to run a program. It read

"get A> tipe basic
pres spas Bar tipe Menu then pres

braught a tear to my eye :-)

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Journal Journal: Reading old chat logs

Ok, that was weird, i was looking through some backups and i found IRC logs of Tuesday september the eleventh 2001. Reading through them i thaught how odd it was that what i said could be recalled with 100% accuracy and what people were saying on the day.Its not important that it was *that* day but that i could see how i was two years ago, - time for more reading.....

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Journal Journal: Just got back from the cinema 1

Saw two films, first blue velvet
at the end i thaught "O...K - i didnt quite get it a little weird. Anyone care to help me out?

Then second bill Donnie Darko, i found it to be a great film, and by the end i gaped in awe at its brillience. It just all clicked into place in a split second , kind of like the last 5 minutes of pulp fiction where you hear in the background "Garscon.... Coffee"--- WOW

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Journal Journal: Just subscribed

Hmm - i like the 20 mins early articles, im glad that you cannot post in this period though.I also think it would be good if no one could post for 2 minutes after the article goes live. So Subscribers cant just instantly flood the discussion as soon as it goes live.
But i must go and do work now, i keep putting it off....

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Journal Journal: Oddity 1

Ok to get a lot of peeps reading your journal you have to already have many people reading your journal . So your first say 30 posts to it will probly be ignoreed.
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Journal Journal: New desktop feature

Im doing some work right now and i have lots of windows of the same program open doing different things. the icons all look the same and the wording only shows/home/chris/work but not the file so i cant easily identify which window is which. Wouldnt it be easy if for a temporary period (this login sesion perhaps) you could right click a program in the taskbar and highlight it a specific colour, so you could quickly switch between the instance of a program with file A open and one with file B open.
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Journal Journal: Music

Can anyone recommend me some music, anything will do, i need to expand the ammount of music i listen to , thanks chris

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