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Journal Journal: Twitter v. Pownce

So, I've somewhat played with both today, as I've always have been looking for that perfect clipboard/status update thingy, kind of like a notepad/ hybrid. I got the urge of trying out Twitter yesterday, first just the web interface on Linux, then today got to use Twitterrific on Mac OS X (which is absolutely awesome). Well, the web interface for Twitter certainly isn't as polished as I'd like it to be, but that's not where Twitter shines. It's all the other possible interfaces. There is an API for people to write 3rd party apps (like Twitterrific, and many other ones for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and web browsers), IM integration (where you can message one of Twitter's screennames (like for Jabber/GTalk)), and last but not least, SMS messaging from cell phones. I think I'm going to continue using Twitter for a bit, and see how it goes. But up to now, I pretty much like it.

Now, on to Pownce. Apparently it is just recently rolled out, and is still an invite-only beta of sorts. It's got a much better web interface, and can let you not just post text, but also share links, files, events, and such with your friends. But, compared to Twitter, Pownce doesn't have the SMS feature, nor an open API for other developers to play with. But hey, Pownce is still very new, so perhaps I should give it a little more time. I do like the extra things Pownce brings, but it still needs time to grow.

Also, something I didn't mention. Both these sites have some social networking involved also (you see friend's updates, etc.) and I can see this being a better way of keeping track of what's happening than the status updates of Facebook that no one really uses these days.

P.S. If anyone wants a Pownce invite, I still have a few left. Just message me or something. Also, my username/id on both sites is LokiSnake, add me if you want, as I'm still kind of lonely on those two sites.

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Journal Journal: I miss Mac OS X

I just began working at my school's CIS department on some computer stuffs. My way of working is using one of the Macs in our Mac lab, and SSH into the server. Well, I miss Mac OS X. Sure, Gentoo/Sabayon/KDE is nice and all, but the software on Mac OS X is just so great.

Yeah, Pidgin is a nice piece of software, but it is nothing like Adium. There's Konquerer for FTPing, etc. but Transmit is just so much nicer. Then, there are the text editors. Don't get me wrong, vim is absolutely awesome, and it is my editor of choice when in a CLI environment. But, there's nothing like SubEthaEdit, BBEdit, or TextMate in Linux or Windows. I never found the perfect text editor in Windows and Linux (other than Vim + gVim). I found mine in Mac OS X: SubEthaEdit (Well, okay, sometimes TextMate too).

And, I think I'm ready to go back to Mac OS X. I might be interested in an Intel Mac after this summer.

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Journal Journal: Ratatouille, Pixar, and Bird

I just saw Ratatouille yesterday night. It was as good as I expected it to be. Surprisingly, there weren't many people in the theater for Ratatouille though. The movie itself was a fun ride, and also could invoke some interesting thoughts. I'd say, this is another hit for Pixar and its new owner Disney. Definitely a movie I'd buy on DVD when it does come out.

There were places where the movie definitely pointed to Brad Bird (from what I've seen of The Incredibles. I still got to see Iron Giant though.) And I'd say that is a good thing.

The animation and the art, as always, is spectacular. There was a point in the movie where my friend asked me if that animation was done over a real photograph or not. The attention to detail was that good. Also, the animation on the hair, cloth, etc. is great. But, there is still one thing that is a little disappointing in the animation department. Seems like nobody can animate water to make it look real. I remember a shot over the kitchen sink that made the water look very plastic and not watery enough.

Overall, this movie was a positive experience, heck, almost on par with The Incredibles, and I think it's a must-see in my book.
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Journal Journal: Facebook Apps & Snuffs

I finally began to try and build the Facebook app I wanted to do during summer math. Well, it's moving along fine. Still learning PHP and MySQL along the way. As I get a little more progress, I'll perhaps write more about it.

Oh, also, I find the Macintosh platform the best to do such things on. Panic's Transmit (FTP) + SubEthaEdit == heaven. I really want to get a new Mac now. The iBook is doing fine, but I wouldn't mind a little more.

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