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Journal Journal: UW Calendar

So I downloaded a copy of UW Calendar and am test-driving the application; I need to set up a calendar application. My first impression is kind of mixed. It's not that bad, but while I appreciate their licensing terms (BSD) and time and effort they put, I am not too sure if I can just deploy and tell people to start using it. Perhaps, it's more matured than I think. Maybe I need to experiment more.

I also plan to look into Totos (; I'll see.

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Journal Journal: Compliment to Slashdot 1

I've been working on some site for over a year now. One of goals that I have is to create, what they call, "Online Community". I have to give compliment to Slashdot. Slashdot is ... a truly amazing vibrant online community. What takes to create a community like this? It's not just about putting a bunch of tools together like BBS, BLOG, and CMS, is it? How do you make this magic happen?

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Journal Journal: 25th Hour

Watched the movie recently. Kind of depressing movie but I liked it. I'm guessing that some people thought that the last scene was kind of silly, but I did not see that way. It's not that I regret what I did, how the decisions that I made in the past are taking me to where I am (not a very pleasant situation), but ... I ask myself "What if, what if?" like the movie every now and then.

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Journal Journal: We need money.

God damn. We need money. How the hell can we go on without funding? Well, actually, I don't know the whole situation yet. Maybe we are getting a descent amount of funding; I don't know. I am working on the software development primarily, but I have been feeling like that I should have devoted some time looking for potential investors and what not, instead of let others handle marketing and fund raising. Frustrating. Maybe they are doing their best, but their best is not good enough. At the end of the day, if we don't have money, we are not going anywhere.

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