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Comment Not convinced (Score 4, Informative) 348

I've been involved in firmware development for implantable medical devices as well as other devices and it's simply not true that assembly has much use this day in age. Unless you are coding for one of the small memory footprint AVR or PIC devices you are not going to get better results working in assembly.

Comment Like to know more (Score 2) 108

I have a couple RPis and they are useful learning tools but there is a lot more information that this group could spread to those to help the community. One of those would be why or how they are now able to move/transition production to the UK from China. It would be a great piece of information for the community to understand how they managed that so that others could benefit and perhaps do the same with their own projects.

In general there must be a whole host of lessons learned that could be shared that would help someone else avoid the pitfalls these guys undoubtedly had to work through. I'm interested in the process in general such as choosing a manufacturer, how they went about going through the regulatory hurdles, etc. All the stuff you would want to know if you wanted to take a hobby project and make money on it.

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