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Journal Journal: Goodbye Slashdot

Well, after what seems like a zillion years, I have finally decided to prune Slashdot from my list of daily sites to use for tech news. I was spurred on by Cmdr Taco's recent departure, but if truth be told, the site's never been the same since the last re-design that just made it harder to get things to display as I want, other sites seem to get the headlines quicker and have far fewer derps trying to out-first-post everyone else. So, goodbye - and thanks for all the polls.

Comment Re:Contempt (Score 1) 226

No, but they act as the interface between the organisation and its customer base. 'Rep' means 'representative' so you might as well tell them how you want them to represent you (an unhappy customer) in their feedback and internal reports - assuming they bother to 'tell it like it is' to the grown-ups.

Comment Re:great for thin clients (Score 1) 352

I have emailed them and suggested they consider the following and I'm sure they've had tons of others asking for a network connection.

"Housed in a 32-pin, 5mm x 5mm QFN package, the MicroPHY® is the smallest Fast Ethernet PHY available that provides a full 802.3 media independent interface (MII) to the system media controller."

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