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Submission + - Mathematics: The Most Misunderstood Subject ( 1

Lilith's Heart-shape writes: Dr. Robert H. Lewis, professor of mathematics at Fordham University of New York, offers in this essay a defense of mathematics as a liberal arts discipline, and not merely part of a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) curriculum. In the process, he discusses what's wrong with the manner in which mathematics is currently taught in K-12 schooling.

Submission + - IBM turns to water-cooling. (

Lilith's Heart-shape writes: Researchers at IBM have developed a network of pipettes circulating water in order to keep next-generation PC chips from overheating. I guess this means that water-cooling isn't the ultimate case mod any longer. It looks like Freon is the next step; where's the UKOD when you need him?

Submission + - So much for the First Amendment, kids. (

Lilith's Heart-shape writes: A Burlington, CT public school student is arguing before the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals that administrators in her school district had no right to punish her for referring to them as 'douchebags' in a blog post she wrote at home from a personal PC, after school hours.

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