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Comment Re:Most Unbiased Slashdot Gamergate Article (Score 1) 556

GamerGate got more coverage than it deserved, considering that it was the shitty blog Zoe Quinn's limp-dicked ex wrote that brought the whole misbegotten thing to a head. You want to talk about the whole Faustian 69 deal game reviewers have with publishers? Fine. Call it GamerGate, however, and most people who would otherwise grant you a fair hearing will tune you right the fuck out. The brand is irredeemably tainted, and has been from its inception.

Comment Re:All for poisioning the well (Score 1) 285

Come on, Morgon. This is the internet. Did you really think you were going to change my mind when I've already stated somewhere in this this topic (if not to you) that I consider all third-party ads to be malware as a result of the abuses you describe as "punch the monkey shit"? Ten years ago, I would have said your stance was reasonable. Now, I say your stance is reasonable, but I no longer consider myself obligated to care. I've already made my decision, and that's to block all third-party ads.

The ad industry had their chance, and they blew it not only for themselves, but for those who depend on them to make money because nobody wants to pay for anything on the net when they already pay at least fifty bucks a month to their ISP. Instead of providing a legitimate public service, they tried to turn the Web into TV 2.0.

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