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Journal Journal: I went ahead and made some Foes.

Two of 'em get this dubious honor because they're completely unable to hold a rational conversation about space weaponry. One of the guys added me as a Freak... and AFAIK, I've had zero contact with him. The last one just didn't have anything in common with me, so what the hell - might as well spice stuff up.

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Journal Journal: Foes & Freaks

So I've just figured out the whole Friends/Fans/Foes/Freaks thing - this after reading Slashdot for God knows how long.

And, apparently, I've picked up some Freaks!

agrounds (227704) was a guy who viewed (views?) Shadowbane in a negative light, and apparently didn't take kindly to my (ahem) somewhat inflametory rebuttles. Oh, and I'm 50% of his Foes list. The other guy (A Proud American (657806)) looks like a troll, so I guess I was a little too forceful ;)

Elbereth (58257) is... actually, I have no idea who he is. /shrug. His Foes list is pretty long, and I couldn't find a place where our comments coincided, so I guess something I wrote didn't agree with him - and that it's a pretty common occurrence.

SendBot (29932) falls into the same category, 'cept his Foes list is much smaller.

thelexx (237096) sounds familiar to me, though... maybe he's the guy against crossovers? LXG comes out Friday (2003-07-09), so we'll see if it sucks or not. Though I still suggest FPS fans check out AvP/AvP2 (and Alien/Predator/Colonial Marine fans check out the related comics), as those games (/comics) are pretty darn good. His Foes list is about halfway between SendBot's and Elbereth's.

So what do I do? Should I add them as Foes in return? Ignore them? Begin my own Friend/Foe hunt? Add them as Friends (though that seems pretty dross)?

It's too bad that a date isn't associated with the Fri/Fa/Fo/Fre system - you could derive many interesting statistics from it.

If anybody reads this / cares (...and why should anyone, I've not added a single friend), I'll take whatever they comment into consideration before I just throw those guys on my Foes list.


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