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Comment Re:What about the hyperlink bug? (Score 1) 28

And of course if you read that article it turns out the bug is with a third party app and not iOS so I don't know why you'd think Apple would be responsible for fixing it.

Nonsense. I did read the article. (Obviously, since I linked to it, right?) No, it's not the app's fault. The app had a file that was "too big". Except it wasn't too big until now, and Apple didn't say "don't make that file too big". It is a bug in iOS 9.3.

Comment Scroll-wheel buttons mostly suck. (Score 1) 431

I've been disappointed with most of the click-wheel mice I've used. I guess it's hard to balance the stiffness of the wheel and the button - either the button is too easy to click by mistake when scrolling, or too stiff so it's hard to click without moving the scroll wheel. I've had problems with brands like Microsoft and Logitech.

My favourite mouse currently is a Razer Taipan. I got it for gaming, but I love it for general desktop use. It's got the best button feel of any mouse I've used, including the scroll-wheel button. It's not cheap, but I don't mind spending a few bucks on a tool I use all the time.

Comment Re:Disclosure only with consent? (Score 1) 37

What's not to like? How about a government agency enforcing a company's decision to conceal and not fix vulnerabilities? As far as I can see, there's no requirement that a company must agree to disclose at all; and white-hats who don't follow the guidelines are not offered any legal protection.

We've seen time and again what happens when "responsible disclosure" is abused to allow security holes to go unfixed and exploited. This is big step backwards.

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