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The Internet

Journal Journal: Current Pet Peeves

Things that make me want to poke people in the eye over the Internet:
  • download URLs that aren't copy/paste (wget) friendly and/or inside homebrew navigation disasters that are 100% redundant when Apache's (and other webservers') directory indexing is perfectly useable (hello sourceforge!)
  • website search functions or simple links that require JavaScript to work (it's sad how many popular or well-known websites have such issues. FFS, if you cannot implement a search function that does not require JS to display results, just link to Google, stupid. )
  • JavaScript-enabled web forms where backspace (sometimes) makes FF go to the previous URL
  • FF tabs that open when I am not using tabs and have FF configured to open URLs in windows
  • FF using up 100% CPU time on one core and 1GB RAM for 40 open windows (with mostly text content too)
  • videos posted to blogs that require 5+ domains to be enabled for JS with NoScript and even then their quirky code doesn't allow the video to display
  • E-Mail clients that can't handle an inbox with 90K messages without hanging for minutes in the year 2009 (hello Thunderbird!)
The Internet

Journal Journal: Just when you thought Google was a truly global project...

No, this isn't going to be a rant about Google's localized censorship. I have been looking out for some seaside property outside my country and was surprised to find huge differences both in the looks/implementation and the content of Google Base. There are versions for parts of Europe, for the US&Canada (same as the one for UK?) and probably others I missed. Am I supposed to try out each and every localized implementation of Google Base to find "seaside property" all over the world? Come on Google, you can do better than scattering your content all over the place...

In the mean time I'll use bellevue for this task. Google should really try to do stuff either properly or not at all (but I guess they have plenty of money to waste).

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