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Comment Re:Surf's Up! (Score 1) 180

I could see Wave being used for event planning among friends/family. Being able to post maps, photos, and other widgets would make it an alternative to Facebook events.

Or... group projects for HS/college classes would be easier than emailing updates to a single document back&forth among 6 people. (Yes, there are ways like shared online storage, but Wave allows for simultaneous editing.)

Comment Re:How Do Militaries Treat Their Nerds? (Score 1) 426

I don't know about the other services, but in the Army, you are responsible for your ammo... however much you're issued. Of course the exception is if you're in a firefight, but on the FOB you do NOT barter away your accountable items. If there isn't enough ammo to issue you any, you'll still be issued a firearm for whenever you -do- get ammo, and you'll be expected to carry the rifle around with you everywhere. My buddy was issued an M203 grenade launcher for her rifle, and 11/12 months that we were in Afghanistan, she never had any grenades.

Comment Re:Voucher/coupon returns? (Score 1) 591

I requested coupons for a couple of older TVs, but never received them. I inquired but they said they were sent out and there is nothing further they could do, and suggested getting an unused card from a friend or relative who had to many. Perhaps a trading site could be set up to match people who have extras with people who didn't get any for whatever reason?

If you have nothing better to do with it, I could send you a stamp to send it my direction. ;-)


The same thing happened to me; my coupons never arrived, even though they were listed as being sent. Good thing I have family members that never would've requested them otherwise. ;)

I wonder if it would have been safer to mail them in more nondescript envelopes?...

Comment Re:saying. "Fast forward to the 21st century" (Score 1) 504

"if you sell a piece of software for even one dollar, you have MADE one dollar because after its creation there is no cost"

But who paid the programmers to make the software in the first place?

You stupid stupid STUPID cunt.

Once you recoup your development costs, then it's almost ALL profit. You still have to pay for producing discs and packaging, but a $1000 DVD of Photoshop will cost roughly the same to physically manufacture as a $50 game. Why do you think software goes down in price over time, notably in digital distribution? Services like Steam don't have to worry about shelf-space, so once the developers break even, they can afford to lower the price to entice more customers. A lower profit per unit is certainly better than none at all.

Please pay attention when you're deriding someone: "...after it's creation there is no cost". The parent noted your point, and your final comment certainly speaks volumes about your powers of observation.
Bravo, good sir, bravo.

Comment Re:Another example of US telcos acting dumb on SMS (Score 1) 260

*puts on tinfoil hat* I think it's simply collusion; rather than fairly competing with each other in regards to SMS prices, the U.S. telcos simply keep their prices roughly the same, as high as they can get away with. It feels like so many Americans prefer to be ignorant of the rest of the world, that we just think it's expected that SMS messages cost an arm & a leg to send and receive, unless you get a package. Call me a cheapskate, but I'm not going to spend as much as my internet connection, just to be able to send and receive one-sentence (if even that) messages.

Also, prices per text are so high because the telcos want everyone to sign up for texting plans. Do you honestly think everyone uses $20+ each month for the data transfer of SMS messages? The telcos are just milking the cash cow for all it's worth.

What REALLY burns my butter is when 'friends' just don't get the fact that I don't have an unlimited-texting plan, and -I- pay for every one of their inane "wat u doin" texts. The only saving grace is when my attractive female friends start drinking and decide to send pictures of various body parts. (Can you say potential blackmail material?)

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