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Journal Journal: Macs as a fetish property

Yesterday I ventrued into a new general user lab here at my University [swt.edu] and all along the back row a line of G4 towers sat, waiting to be used. I looked at these marvels of modern design and was very tempted to sit down and log in. I'm a Windows man all the way, but have had my share of Mac exposure in my years with IT. My first experience with a Mac was while I was a tech support leader at Computron USA [computronusa.com]. It was an old 68K that we used to test new connection software, and to have a visual reference while walking customers through the setup process. I had a knack with getting these dinosaurs going, so I would always be the one to take a Mac service call. Then, in the summer of 1999, my now-ex-girlfriend got a brand new Blueberry iMac. Wow. This little guy was a blast, easy to set up, fun to use, but shhh, I could never tell anyone. It was almost as if I was addicted to these little machines like some are addicted to porn. After playing around with a cable internet connection on her grandfather's iBook (tangerine) and seeing the new G4 towers, my obsession came full circle. I would find myself late at night browsing Apple's website, lusting for a new cube or PowerBook. I felt dirty searching EBay for a cheap iMac DV, then going G4 tower, and finally PowerBook. So as I stood there, admiring those fine towers, like pretty ladies all in a row, I felt a certain pang of cheapness as I sat down and logged into a.....black......Dell Optiplex. Soon Darwin...soon. :)

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