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Comment Re:do they have a policy against flatulence? (Score 0) 212

How about a complete anal exhaust processing system with OBD-4 computer control, a three-way catalytic converter, hydrogen sulfide sensor, air injection and exhaust gas recirculation? I figure that the Europeans needed to be Californicated where air pollution is concerned. OTOH, this would be politically incorrect because outside the USA, personal hygiene is viewed as a "cultural chauvinism". It may even conflict with some obscure EU directive more commonly known as the 'Right to Stink Law' or the the German BundesFreikoerperkulturGesetz . Heaven forbid, females will be compelled to *gasp*....shave their armpits!

time to buy more rhodium bullion...

Comment Not news worthy (Score -1, Troll) 169

Why is bandwidth being wasted on inherently ethnocentric individuals such as these. For Science's sake, they're WHITE! Even worse than that, these might eat various forms of pork, drink nasty warm sticky stuff with various forms of pond life therein and even play rugby league for fuck's sake! However, if these were aggressive YouTube(R) using atheists, all would be forgiven.

What black holes do to space-time, Cockneys do to vowels.

Non sunt in coeli, quia gxddbov xxkxzt pg ifmk

Comment Re:I think that they should (Score -1, Troll) 554

Let us examine the violence potential of the groups mentioned herein.

Vegetarians and vegans are too weak for direct physical confrontation and most often are too busy protesting IMF, G* and other wealthy elite conferences. However, even a skin-and-bones maggot-infested California-lifestyler can make TATP in his or her shack in the woods.

Teetotalers and recovering alcoholics are not a protected class under current civil rights jurisprudence.

The Jewish community has a way to handle this. It's called Pekuach Nefesh. If measures contrary to Torah are necessary to save life, such are permitted except in the case of fornication, idolatry or murder.

If one thinks that Hindus and Jains are nonviolent, then someone will have to explain Graham Staines.

If one thinks the Buddhism is non-violent, then someone will have to explain Sri Lanka.

Finally, how would everyone else object? It appears to me that "everyone else" would be restricted to pork-munching, beer-swilling non-union, non-college-educated, clean shaven European-descended structurally unemployed people who can't afford to fly anyway.

Comment Re:He got away with it. (Score 0) 402

Unfortunately, This is a no-no. "Corruption of Blood" is when a person is convicted of treason and the federal government punishes the person's innocent family members also. It is against the law and is described in Article 3, Section 3, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution. (from Wikianswers)

The problem is that there is a clash of civilizations and the USA is owned by the very civilization it opposes.

Comment Do they look like they want to work for a living? (Score 0) 262

If an individual by his or her body and verbal language suggest that he or she is ENTITLED to be protected from market forces, that individual is a state paternalist (a.k.a. 'liberal'). Think "musician hair" (goatees, soul patch, StalinStache, etc) for males and snootynose voices for females (pinch the nose, crimp the upper lip and with a squeaky voice pronounce the word "college student"). It is one who looks like one cannot get and hold a job.

If an individual by his or her body and verbal language suggest that he or she is NOT ENTITLED to be protected from market forces, that individual is a state minarchist (a.k.a. 'conservative'). Think 'conformity to market expectations' in dress, facial grooming, speech and tastes. It is one who looks like one can get and hold a job.

It's like the Potter Stewart opinion on obscenity "I know it when I see it". Only a fool is not 'conservative' with his or her own money. One's ideology is made manifest when it deals with OTHER people's money.

Comment Re:help in police chases? (Score 0) 471

It is only a matter of time before governments will start figuring out these things. Those vehicles that cannot be remotely disabled via radio packet or EMP gun, the legislature can pass a statute or the governor may order the commissioner of the motor vehicle department to no longer issue registrations or renewals under the rubric of carbon control. Forget about the courts, it's a privilege to own certain types of property, as well as operate.

Comment Re:When in Rome... (Score 0) 249

I can't think of any other border where people act like it's an offense against the universe. Meanwhile, you see all sorts of anti-illegal immigration laws being tightened around the world and you don't hear boo about them.

More likely than not, these nations do not allow foreign entities to own their debt. Also, more likely than not, these are creditor nations who use their money to affect the policies of other nations by buying their debt. Perhaps China threatened to call their part of the debt if the US government tried to do something effective about southern border security. As long as wages are kept depressed through illegal immigrants, H1B visaholders and outsourcing, inflation does not exist~


Racist truths or cosmopolitan lies: the choice is yours.

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