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Comment Re:Apple's activity is criminal here, Palm's is le (Score 1) 656

The actual legal standard for a monopoly is the ability to set prices without regard to the offerings of competitors. MS was ruled a monopoly on PC OSes because they could set the price of Windows at several hundred dollars (retail) and ~$50.00 for OEMs even though their competition, (linux, the various open source BSDs, etc.) cost zero dollars.

At the time of the lawsuit, open-source OS's weren't even on the map as competition for MS Windows.

Comment Re:What exactly is the main thrust of the study? (Score 1) 844

However, if the study is "how can we FIX what men don't like about condoms", then the study becomes very important, and might benefit society immensely. If a condom could be constructed that didn't impede feeling at all, there would be huge benefits, a great reduction in unwanted pregnancies.

Even more of of a huge benefit: sex would be more fun.

Comment Re:Now we'll have a genetic class-based society... (Score 1) 847

As opposed to...

Want to grow up to become an athlete? Sorry, you didn't inherit the right genetic mix to predispose you to becoming tall / strong / better cardiovascular function.

Want to grow up to become a model? Sorry, you didn't inherit the right genetic mix to give you a slender physique, blond, and blue eyes.

Want health insurance? Sure, but it's going to be more expensive FOR EVERYONE regardless of your genetics because some luddite outlawed screening for genetic diseases.

Comment Oh, maybe we should have this for everything then? (Score 3, Insightful) 464

I would just LOVE to, when installing Windows, have to sit through a dozen screens asking me "hey which browser do you want, hey which text editor do you want, hey which music player do you want, hey which chat software do you want...". NOT. FUCK YOU EU, your whole court system is a bunch of money-grubbing morons.

Comment Re:Here, I'll summarize. (Score 1) 834

People keep complaining about this, and the example is simple: Terminator time travel DOESN'T RESULT IN A STABLE TIME LOOP. No ontological paradoxes in the Terminator universe. Rather, when you go back in time history just starts rewriting itself from the point you went back to. It works just like the time travel in the latest Star Trek.

Comment Re:Better off not working for them... (Score 2, Informative) 379

That's not true at all. They didn't want freedom of religion because they'd just left England (many of the colonists set up their own theocracies as soon as they reached America). They wanted freedom of religion because they were all different flavors of Protestant, and didn't want any of the other flavors to be able to persecute them.

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