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Journal Journal: Addictive websites (other than this one)

My latest addiction is to a website called the half bakery. It is a communal database/weblog of "half baked" ideas. The kind of stuff Rube Goldberg or Prof. Farnsworth on Futurama might dream up.

Here you will find such things as Custard Filled Speed Bumps and Poetic Legalese.

Give it a look, and if you create an account (which is simplicity itself) be sure to visit my ideas (which include such winners as CPU Mounted Lava Lamp and Gleam in your Smile) and vote on them.

Journal Journal: I have fans?

I just noticed the latest enhancements to to the friend/foe system, including "fan" and "freak". I note that three folks I've never heard of are in my fans list (which means they list me as a friend). Interesting. I guess I must do some good posting or something.

Journal Journal: Microsoft's latest IE patch

Does it strike anyone as odd that the Microsoft advisory only mentions IE 5.5 and 6.0, while the original advisory explicitly says 5.0 is vulnerable too?

I have no problem with Microsoft saying "we don't support 5.0 and previous anymore so no patch" but they need to at least SAY it.

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