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Journal Journal: An everyday Slashdot ranting.

I know that Slashdot not only a news site but a forum where fellow computer advocates can discuss different topics and is completly open to different discussions but damn. Many users seem to post replies blindly without really reading the original topic. I was going through my history of posts and noticed replies to my messages and discovered a trend of people simply wanting to be heard without first listening let alone understanding where the orignal poster is coming from.
Yes, I have been ranting about Apple computer a lot lately but many of the posts are from people that didn't quite understand my post. I ask for more value, not hardware, just more value from my purchase and people are like "Leave Apple alone! Jobs is god. Poor Apple. Bill Gates has hurt them. Jobs is good. Apple. Jobs..." I was once one of them [Mac Addict]. Completly devoted to the pretty multi-colored Apple but blind from the fact that the Apple isn't life. Now, I know I have a choice for what I buy and when I try to share my findings with others, I am bitched at beyond belief.
I am glad that my rants are only about the insignificant things and rebutals are in tiny, anonymous posts that some 25 year old that thinks they are smarter than Bill and should be equally as rich but are unfairly kept in the middle class ranks by the man. Can't even begin to imagine the courage required to stand up for something major and without the shroud of protection that the internet provides. ::INSERT RANDOM, FAMOUS HEROS WHO STOOD UP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS HERE:: spoke up, fought, and died for what they belived in during times when they had no electronic cover and paid for it. Wow. Insane to think about what that took for whatever deed was done and the vicious backlash that ensued compared to the rebutals from my tiny rants.
And before somebody whines about my epifany, I was being serious and and babbeling about the orders of magnatude of hell that came down for speaking ones mind in public about the major things compared to mind rotting BS that goes on in these forums.

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