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Journal Journal: Is That What Porn Is For?

I've seen this journal thing here before, and was just wondering what it was. Some kind of precusor to a blog? I guess.

But this seems pretty lame. Can anyone else even see it? Doesn't really matter if anyone can see it. I've got a blog (shameless plug:, and no one ever reads it. Maybe I should try updating it more than once every two weeks.

But its hard to find the 30 minutes a day to do that. What with a 5 month old in the house, its hard to find enough time to go to the bathroom (5 month old child, not dog...).

My dog's pretty cool though. I would recommend to anyone that if they are looking for a dog, to get a husky. Friendly, easily trainable, smarty, and great for picking up chics.

Wait a second.

Shit, can I find a woman like that? Imagine, a woman that would help you get other women. And let you sleep with both! I'm sure there are such things out there, but they've never crossed my path.

Well, that is to say, that kind of woman has never been interested in me. Maybe crossed my path, but no interest. Ah, well. Another un-fufilled fantacy. Is that what porn is for?

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