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Journal Journal: I don't like open source 1

I don't like open source. I don't like Linux, I don't like Firefox. I use Windows Server 2003 R2 for my server, IE7 Beta 2 for my web browser, Windows XP Home SP2 for my desktop, Visual Studio .NET 2005 Pro for my development and Office 2003.

I don't run my server with a firewall, I don't get hacked
I don't run my desktop with anti-spyware, I don't get spyware
I don't run my desktop with anti-virus, and I don't get viruses

I hate G++ with a passion, ever since it optimised:

code1 ()
pid_t thread = fork ();
code2 ()


pid_t thread = fork ();
code1 ()
code2 ()

Which would cause my code to initialise twice. They've fixed it since my face collapsed on itself when I worked out the amount-of-time-wasted-because-of-this-'bug':what-the-fuck ratio, but if you don't believe me whip out an older copy of G++ and take a look for yourself.

I dislike Linux. I'm sure I could set it up the way I need it, but at the moment Server 2003 does everything, and when I got my new server I had everything installed and configured in about 2 hours (WWW/FTP/Remote Desktop/Web Admin/Streaming Media/DNS/DHCP/+etc).

That said:
ASP sucks (, view source, take a look at the 100kb of crap thrown in by ASP)
C#/.NET sucks
MSSQL Server sucks

PHP Rules
C++ Rules
MySQL Rules

Also, Ditto rules. I can live without it, but it's very useful. If you run Windows and you don't run Ditto, you are a failure at life. Go, get it.

Does my hate for OSS make me weird?

NB: I also hate Firefox and Opera. Firefox sucks because it's OSS, and Opera, well... sucks. Nothing says 'give it up' like Opera's CEO swimming across from Norway or wherever to America or wherever for downloads.

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