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Journal Journal: Wouldn't you know it...

I finally 'submit' an article via my journal and wouldn't you know it... it gets accepted. Only I made the submission on a lark thinking it wouldn't get posted because of its extremely trollish nature. Wouldn't you know it... any trolling was thoughtfully removed by kdawson.

Thanks kdawson. /stated without sarcasm

I will note that I got offtopiced to 0 for the first post attached to the post. YAY me. Mission accomplished.


Journal Journal: Ford Working on Feasible Electric Car 202

While GM wants to simply offer cosmetic changes to automobiles interiors and exteriors, Ford has finally gotten the message about electric autos. They have introduced the Ford Airstream, a plug-in hybrid which gets gasoline equivalent fuel economy rating of 41 mpg, but uses hydrogen fuel cells that can keep the auto going up to 280 miles range. From a styling POV, it is not a tesla, but it is also not a 6000 or a cavalier. From the Autoblog article: 'The fuel cell, made by Ballard, turns on automatically when the battery charge dips below 40 percent. With the on-board charger (110/220 VAC), the battery pack can be refilled at home. Ford says the HySeries Drive is 50 percent smaller and less complex than conventional fuel cell system and should have more than double the lifetime.'"
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Journal Journal: New "Sectional Display Preferences"

Clicking on the Sections text itself brings up a nifty dialog. Try it out. Easy homepage customization. I hope we can expect more of this.
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Journal Journal: MOD Points Request 2

I posted this in the DVR story. Anyone got some mod points to burn to get me an upmod? If so thanks.
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Journal Journal: A Standard Reply: Responding to Complaints on Verbing Nouns

Whenever I see someone say this I will insert this comment:

Language changes to suit a society's needs and values. Fixed definitions and spellings of words is a recent (150 years) development. Verbing nouns is popular and accepted tactic in western society. All your protestations to the contrary will not modify this behaviour.


Journal Journal: My First GMail Spam and a few questions. 1

I got my first GMail spam today... Take a look at this doozy: (web URLs modified to deprive the morons of any extra links)

John Little to me Mp3 Eternity is the #1 MP3 and Movie Download site with over 30,000,000 people using this service. How would you like to download any top music album or single, movies out on DVD, or even movies still in theatres! Then play and burn them to cd or DVD all with the software we provide you. Once you join, you will immediately have access to the best DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE on the net. Check it out here at XXXXXXXXXXXXX Or view the movie list at XXXXXXXXXXXXX/dvd.htm Unlimited MP3 Music & Songs Unlimited Hot Movies and DVDs Unlimited Software and Games Unlimited pictures, ebooks, and douments. Unlimited games for XBox, PC, and PS2 Unlimited ringtones and palm software Unlimited burning to CDs & DVDs. 100% Safe & Legal, 100% Fun To join now Goto XXXXXXXXXX/download.htm

I am currently moving every one of my mailling lists to GMail and I am using it for sign-ups and then modifying my address afterwards to a private account if the service seems to be reputable. What about you?

What was your first piece of GMail spam? How much spam have you recieved? Do you use GMail as your primary email address or is it your catch all address for sign-ups?


Journal Journal: Voting Time

If you are Canadian, of legal age and meet several other minor requirements today is the day to vote. Get out to your polling station and do your duty. If you don't have a voter registration card, only minimal identification is required to vote.

See for details.

20 minutes to vote.
4 years to wish you had.

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Journal Journal: Sweet 2

I finally got my first +5 post ever. See here.

Although the way the mod points are dealt out lately my dead dog could get a +3 with very little trouble.

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