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Journal Journal: Intros

I stumbled across the journal tab on my user page a while back and was utterly baffled as to what to do about it, so I've left it sitting in the corner. Perhaps hoping it would go away. Dunno. But, having recently read some excellent ruminations in other's journal, I've been inspired to attempt a few entries of (and in) my own.


What to say? I do this. I like that. I'm fond of foo. I'm interested in bar. All seems so artificial. Over-used. Boring. And the whole idea of posting personal ruminations on a techie website seems so utterly dissonant anyway. Especially since I A) stopped being a techie years ago and B) always found the whole blog thing rather hardly more than an excercise in public narcissism. What makes me think anybody's even interested in what I have to say? Why should they be? And why should I want them to be?

So, we'll just say Howdie for now, and let the rest flow organically. Kinda like real life.

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