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Journal Journal: Programming for a Salary

The more corporate programming I see and participate in, the more I believe that programming under any deadline is all about the level of disorganization in your code you are comfortable with and can maintain within your short term memory.

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Journal Journal: Let the Reader Beware


A small word for such a big subject. A word that defines the very way we interact with others; how we present ourselves. It is our definition, and yet it is never complete. Everyone sees a different side of your personality, to the extent that only the strong characteristics and faults stand out to most people, as they don't have the time or effort to put in to get a true understanding of your character. Additionally, we all change and grow so that our personality doesn't remain constant. Under adverse conditions, or stress, we tend to act the opposite of our base temperament, yet, is that not an aspect of our personality as well? So we try to hide our weaknesses, and yet the struggle may be futile, as we are who we are. But in the end, we seek to maintain a public persona and a private one. We seek to be able to mend our public image at any time and place, and fear embarrassment. Often, we will recant once taken positions, sometimes because we have become enlightened to a different way of thinking, at other times because we did not understand the context of the conversation, yet other times because we feel too much pressure on us, the spotlight has become too great or the risk of social estrangement too high. May it be the latter less than the others, for ideas are important and conversation is our connection to others, and rarely do we have a position in which all the bases are covered and we still have an ace in the hole. You have read this far because you are interested in my personality, let me say this: may anything I said that may have offended be taken with this grain of salt...I am sure that I haven't seen all sides of the issue. At the same time, I have spoken in order to show you at least one side of the issue, one which I may stand firmly in, or one in which I may only see as a possibility...and yet in doing so I have risked my public and private persona, and have revealed only a small bit of my tread lightly on judgement of me for you do not know me well enough or "privately" enough to assess my true stance and alignment on the issue....but you may have had a glimpse of a different side of an issue, or felt a commonality in thought, for the moment.

One more though before I close this journal entry, please remember that in a public forum such as this, thoughts are often rushed and grammar as well. I claim all comments as first drafts! I assume the same for your comments as well.

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