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Portables (Apple)

Submission + - What can be done besides music with my Ipod? 1

Ka D'Argo writes: So recently lady luck was in my favor. In a raffle I won myself a 4GB iPod Nano. Judging from wikipedia and amazon, it appears to be the recently released 3rd Generation iPod Nano. In recent years we've seen iPod's run Doom and other kinda neat little apps. What kind of third party applications or homebrew material is available for an iPod?

Submission + - Do current Copyright laws still allow for backups?

Ka D'Argo writes: I had a conversation with a associate of mine about making backups of software or music cd's. This person says under the new laws with DRM, copyright and fair use, you as a consumer are no longer allowed to copy in anyway such things. I say, as it's been for god knows how long, you are still able to make a backup of something you legally own. Common sense even says, it's yours to do with as you please if you legally own it (aside from distributing copies for example). So what's the deal? Under current laws that may or may not have been updated lately, can a consumer make a backup copy of a piece of software or music cd?
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - How does one cope with being a lousy gamer?

Ka D'Argo writes: For years I've had the distinct pleasure of being, well pretty damn awful at PC games. Not single player games mind you but multiplayer ones. Of pretty much all genres as well, RTS, FPS even MMORPG's. I figure /. has probably the best pool of gamers in the world amongst all the readers, and I know in that group of people I can't be the only one that just sucks at gaming.

I ask, how do you deal with it? Sure we all know at the end of the day it's just a game and that's that nothing really more too it. But when you play a dozen different games and always end up last in every one of them, scoring the least, or just losing the game entirely. And it's not without it's merits, I've practiced and tried to learn from mistakes, spent hours looking over demos, replays, any kind of material to glean a tidbit of useful information from and in the end I still manage to lose. I love playing games but when the horse never manages to reach the carrot on the stick, the horse kinda gets tired of chasing the carrot. There's plenty of games coming out or already out that I am interested in but just don't want to go drop $50 or $60 USD to play for a few months, never really get into it due to just losing.

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