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Submission + - Kawa 2.0 supports Scheme R7RS

Per Bothner writes: Kawa is a general-purpose Scheme-based programming language that runs on the Java platform. It combines the strengths of dynamic scripting languages (less boiler-plate, fast and easy start-up, a REPL, no required compilation step) with the strengths of traditional compiled languages (fast execution, static error detection, modularity, zero-overhead Java platform integration).

Version 2.0 was just released with many new features. Most notably is (almost) complete support for the latest Scheme specification, R7RS, which was ratified in late 2013. This LWN article contains a brief introduction to Kawa and why it is worth a look.

Comment Re:45 meters? (Score 2) 119

IANAA (Astrophysicist), but I believe asteroids of that size would reach the earth. Depending what it's made of, it could break into a lot of pieces, though.

This is a pretty small asteroid and (again, I'm no expert) but its orbit means that it wouldn't have a great relative velocity if it did strike earth (nothing like a comet, by comparison). There were some estimates on the damage it would do if it were to strike in the referenced article and this doesn't seem to be a major concern.

Comment Some issues... (Score 1) 948

I think this advice is good in most cases, but there are some cases where it might not be applicable.

This might be good advice for people fresh out of school, but I'd like to point out that some companies make it difficult for people to do anything public outside of work.

Also, not everyone is interested in web work. In those cases, I'd expect those people to have blogs where they discuss their projects, show code and relate experiences.

Another issue is that certain school programs are pretty demanding and don't leave much time for work outside. A prospective employee going through one of these schools might be also doing internships at one of the companies that don't allow you to do work outside.

In all these cases, the prospective employee should have code that they can show and explain, a portfolio.


Comment Re:Hey, Dell (Score 1) 91

Do you have inside information concerning the subsidies, because that's privileged information. I'd be surprised if the adware and MSN pays for the OEM Windows license, but maybe I could be surprised.

I do recall that netbooks used to be cheaper without windows. I think MS has since struck arrangements that make this no longer possible, but that's the way it used to be.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 3, Informative) 253

Huh? Of the 3 Republicans you mentioned, there was one alleged gay and two men with women on the side. These are your examples of closted gays and "diaper wearers" in the Republican Party? Mark Sanford resigned. Larry Craig actually resigned, but took it back.

I'm surprised you didn't mention Mark Foley, but then, he did resign, so I guess that wouldn't fit with your theme.

Spitzer resigned, true. He had lots of powerful enemies on Wall Street, he was seriously weakened by "Troopergate" and was under investigation for financial misdeeds surrounding the prostitutes (bribery, misuse of campaign funds) he was procuring that it's hardly surprising that he had to go. Note that Patterson suffered not a bit when he admitted to infidelity.

It's pretty surprising, actually, that Clinton survived. He was caught in a clear case of harassment, it doesn't matter a whit if it's consensual, the difference in power between a President and an Intern would have been harassment in a reasonable world. There was also that little matter of lying in open court. Martha Stewart goes to Prison for lying to an investigator and Clinton skates on lying in open court?

What other Democrat had to resign? Are you saying the Democrats are pure on this account and Spitzer and Clinton are the only examples?

I agree that the media applies different standards to Democrats when it comes to scandal. Like the blackout on the stories about Gore that have been known to reporters for years and are just now coming out.

Comment Chess translations (Score 1) 142

If you are into chess, Google Translate opens up a whole world of chess blogs to you. I haven't used it extensively, but I was quite impressed with this translation.

To the chess players out there, note how it picks up notation interspersed with the text. It's not perfect and seems to fall back into Spanish algebraic in odd places, but I think they are the only translation tool that even tries to do chess notation.

I wonder if there are other "special purpose" translations that Google Translate attempts. It's pretty impressive to me that they even bother with the small chess blog reading public.

Oh, Google Translate does a lot better job on the non-chess parts of blogs, too.

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