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Journal Journal: New Evidence of Water on Mars

An article in the Daily Mail ( is reporting newly found evidence of water on the surface of Mars. Pictures taken by the Mars Global Surveyor show new light colored deposits in gullies. Another photo shows gullies in craters that scientists believe were caused by recent flows of water.

Maybe another rover mission could confirm that the deposits or errosion are recent events caused by water.


Journal Journal: Sony's New Walkman

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony is set to release a new line of Walkmans with some really cool features. Maybe they can knock Apple down a notch with this one.

"The new products have features that the iPod doesn't have, such as an ability to upload music directly to the device from a CD player and a noise canceller, which erases surrounding noise, so users can better hear their music. Sony said the new Walkmans targeted consumers who found it complicating to use computers to manage their music as well as music lovers, who sought better sound quality." - WSJ

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