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Comment But ... (Score 2) 343

Snowden himself isn't begging your pardon, he just wants a fair trial; "fair" in the sense that he can use a "public interest" defense (whistleblower) instead of having it automatically disqualified. This is something Congress could (and should) allow.

As I see it, Clinton (with her email server) and Snowden are either both innocent or both guilty of disclosures. Maybe Obama could pardon Clinton on his way out, for any non-crimes she may or may not have accidentally committed during her dutiful years.

Comment The future of performance (Score 1) 281

Do you see a way forward to a "high performance" Perl for a niche of use-cases in which fast response times (low latency) is major consideration? This isn't meant to trigger a "fast enough" flame war, but rather, to gain insight and make comparisons with perceived competitors such as Cython, Rpython, and Pypy.

Comment Meanwhile 2 (Score 1) 135

So how come the FCC (and other Gov't TLAs) haven't cracked down on email spammers and telephone scammers as well? Also disruptive to communication. Maybe it will take a real weirdo president to put things into perspective. A couple candidates come to mind. And one of them thinks running one's own email system should be just a secure as what the feds can offer. How did Hillary avoid junk mails?

Comment Re:Poly-gas fuel? (Score 1) 121

Impressive, you've explained how to do it and described the issues which will be encountered!

So H2 fuel introduces new limiting factors; therefore let me reorganize my question: With an engine designed to burn H2 fuel, like the ones mentioned in the original post, is it feasible to make cost-effective modifications such that it could also burn more conventional carbon-based gases?

Comment Poly-gas fuel? (Score 1) 121

Is it feasible to build these engines such that they can run on several types of gaseous fuels - CNG and H2 and perhaps others like Propane? Flexibility in the fuel cycle could be a way to introduce H2 if large-scale manufacturing of it becomes worthwhile.

What's supposed to be the point of H2 fuel anyway, as far as cars are concerned? More convenient for fuel cells than Xanols?

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