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Comment Re: Becaue you aren't offering to do the work. (Score 1) 388

Terms I use here are 'cognitive load' and 'learning fatigue'. But as an example, you don't ditch a car or PC and buy another one simply for small marginal improvements. Our capacity to learn and adapt is a limited, albeit vast resource. The modern world, however, has expanded like a gas to fill the available learning capacity, and too few care about this, myopically focussing on one 'pet trademarked feature' after another.

Comment Hmmm (Score 4, Insightful) 163

"Tasks that previously would have required the Mac Pros of old are now being well addressed by today’s iMac."

And creative tasks that require a high-end machine, where once creative pros would turn to Mac Pros, are now being well addressed by high-end Windows workstations, that, you know, allow newer CPUs than Sandy Bridge.

Comment Re:What can Berners-Lee do here, really? (Score 2) 126

DRM is not the disease. Greed, selfishness and neoliberal delusions that giving human greed a free reign will magically make the world better: those are the disease. It is those that took a mechanism which, in its original form, was essential to avoiding a disastrous free-for-all in the nascent publishing industry of a few centuries ago and, via systematic strategic lobbying, twisted it into modern copyright laws. Remove DRM and the disease remains.

Comment Re:What can Berners-Lee do here, really? (Score 3, Insightful) 126

Not making DRM a W3C standard will turn it into another Flash/Silverlight type thing. Look at how hard it is for them to die. If DRM is going to be done, and it is going to be done, a W3C standard is better than nothing. As for where effort is expended, it must be in cultivating DRM-free content platforms, and DRM-free content.

Comment What should be obvoius (Score 1) 239

Nearly all, if not all great scientists love their subject. Many of those who find maths or science a turn-off do not choose STEM careers. The emotional connection of a student to their discipline must not be neglected: we are humans, not programmable machines. Only if you engender a positive interest and desire in people will they be inspired to take up STEM careers, or indeed have a casual interest, whilst pursuing other careers.

Comment Re:Understanding the risks does not make it safer (Score 1) 113

Stick it on a spare machine, try your mission critical software with test data, see what's different, and what breaks. In any case, you should be asking why you're investigating a non-LTS release for serious stuff, and indeed why you're bothering with Ubuntu at all for serious stuff.

Comment Re:So, they've reached the end of the alphabet (Score 1) 113

Names are less vulnerable to single-char typos. 17.04 is one char (and physically one key) away from 18.04. Also, it is easier to search for things related to your distro using google if you use the name (since google will struggle to grasp the context for each number you use).

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