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Submission + - Backing Up Your Photos, Videos, and Music

knuckleduster writes: I'm trying to create a backup schedule at home for my Photos, Videos, and Music. I'm looking at 75+ GBs of data that I want to store out of my house in a bank safe deposit box. I know the simplest solution would be to buy an external hard drive, do a straight copy and be done with it. But that would mean two trips to the bank each month (one to pickup the drive, do my backup and one to drop off the drive, unless I buy two). I'd like to do this with minimal expense and I already have a DVD writer and many DVD-RWs. I'd like to use them to create a master Full backup, then just follow up with Incrementals each month. Does anyone in the Slashdot community have a suggestion for a good Windows-based backup software? I've tried Nero, but it seems to error after numerous spanned discs. I tried Genie's home software but it seems to want the Full backup before doing an Incremental. I also thought of trying iTunes built-in backup for the music, ACDSee's built-in back up for the photos, and who knows what for the videos. Bad idea? What say you? My first Slashdot post so please be gentle. Thanks for the help!

Submission + - Wireless LAN security myths that won't die

maggard writes: "George Ou is a Ziff Davis / TechRepublic writer who actually knows his beat: Security.

Several years ago he wrote "The six dumbest ways to secure a wireless LAN", which articulated what most folks who do WiFi security (as opposed to repeat rumors about it) already knew. The article is still well regarded as a powerful document to be presented in IT staff discussions and to under-informed IT decision makers ("PHBs") dispelling accrued misinformation.

Ou has just written a follow-up column revisiting wireless security, what works, what is worth the effort, and what is just wasting time & effort that could be better spent on real security measures. Titled "Wireless LAN security myths that won't die" he makes strong cases against useless & even counter-productive WiFi security technologies & strategies.

Best of all, Ou names names and provides supporting hyperlinks, all in about 15 tightly written paragraphs. The entire article is well worth reading, however for general WiFi owners users the last two sentences in the article are probably the most important:

For small businesses and homes, all you need to do is use WPA-PSK security with a random alpha-numeric pass-phrase that's a minimum of 10 characters long. If WPA security isn't available to you, at least run WEP as a 10-minute deterrence mechanism.

I've regularly seen folks post here about how they're "hiding" their SSID "for security"; here's an easy introduction to the fact you're actually lessening your security by doing so. Also for those relying on static IP / MAC address filtering this is a reminder that all of your painful manual management, time that could have been spent on other more productive duties, can be trivially undone in a few seconds to minutes of automated cracking."

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