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Journal Journal: It's been a while.... 2

Well, it has been a couple months... nothing new really, same stuff over and over.

I would like to have sex with a woman, as I am tired of masturbating in the sink. Do you know how hard it is to do that and make it seem like you are brushing your teeth?

Damn hard. Like me.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Monday, Monday....

Monday, usually a bad day right? Well, in here, it does not matter much. Everyday is the same.

Although, breakfast was pancakes (gotta take pleasure where you can find it) and dinner tonight was meatloaf! I never enjoyed meatloaf so much as a kid, but for some reason I do now.

The visit with my boy was great... and very difficult. It is hard to see him leave... It is hard to have him look at me like "why can't you be like my friend's dad?".

Well, 14 months to go...

I really thought I would have some conversations by now... I guess the journal system is not so popular.

That is all for today...

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Journal Journal: Friday Nights.....

Friday nights are no different than other nights. Some drill, eat shower and sleep. And contrary to popular belief, showers are not full of preditors.

But this evening finds me in the library for a few brief moments... have to share the one computer amongst all. Kind of a drag, but on the otherhad I am lucky to have any access like this at all.

Tomorrow I am to see my son for the first time since I was locked up, over two years ago... I hope he remembers me.

Talk to you all later.

The Internet

Journal Journal: A Little Information About Me


I write this from the library here in beautiful California Correctional Institution (CCI) in Susanville California (northeast of San Fran by a couple hours). Since I am not allow to email, it was an interesting ordeal to get a slashdot password! The email account was checked by a relative and delivered via a phone conversation. Sneaky huh?

This site is not blocked, like so many others are. Quite nice to have a journal system, so I can share with anyone on the outside about computer life on the inside!

Take care, and hope to talk to some of you soon.


p.s. I am not really on deathrow, it just ryhmes with my name. This is a minimum security facility.

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