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Comment Re:Yeah right. (Score 2) 564

I agree with you on both counts. Windows 8.1 is trying to hard to become a mobile OS, and it's silly. It's not what the market wants. I also agree that Android is annoying, but for many people it's familiar and that's what is key to them. You're forgetting the PC had it's heyday, and we have a whole generation of people coming up that are again detached from PCs and think it's just some confusing video game console.

Comment I'm gonna need more than that article to convince (Score 1) 505

Microsoft doesn't give up that easy. Remember they were also late to this game, by a lot and that's a big reason for slow adoption. Enough people are happy with their Iphones and Androids and MS hasn't put forth anything to disrupt the market yet But one thing they have done is create a great environment for developers, with tons of tools and a marketplace that takes care of vendors. It appears they learned the from Linux, take care of the developers and they'll build more stuff. With more applications your platform will flourish.

I am certain MS is going to wait at least a year or two to see how the market does when the apps roll in. By then they may also come up with something that really compels people to switch. I know this isn't the site to talk about faith in MS, but there you have it.

Comment Re:Anyone rebuilding their kernel still? (Score 2) 314

Yeah in the middle ages I was one of those rushing to the source and building it, but not as much anymore. I still rebuild it on my personal machine if I know I'll be using it a while, just to squeeze every last bit I can, but I'll readily admit I don't notice the difference in performance at all. I doubt I'll rebuild for this one as I don't see any features that really apply to me.

As a personal user, I see fewer reasons to spend a lot of time on kernel tweaking and building, not like it was 10 years ago.

Comment Re:Yeah, that's great (Score 2) 78

I was thinking the same thing, as a current volunteer firefighter and techie I've thought about firefighting robots for years.

There are some huge obstacles aside from the most obvious which is heat.

- Terrain, as you said is a big one. I have been in a house with 2 feet of trash and laundry through the whole house. We could not see the floor while we were there. For humans it was a challenge, but for a robot it could make it impossible.

- Strength - As you know shagging hose takes strength, and that comes at a price for robots (weight and power usage).

- Victim Removal - While it's not an everyday occurrence its definitely a factor. What if someone is in the house and needs to be removed? Can a robot do this without further injuring the person? Does it have the dexterity to maneuver out of there towing someone?

- Deployment time has always been a big one. Can a robot do a scene size up? Not really. Can it do a 360 across any type of terrain that the house might be on?

I have no doubts that someday robots will be fighting fire, but we're such a long ways away from it still.

Comment I fail to be outraged (Score 5, Insightful) 232

Just like with Netflix, I understand there is a cost of doing business. The costs for these companies to pay for content is rising, and the means to deliver it is getting more expensive. I am willing to pay for it until it reaches a price I feel is too high, then I'm free to cancel. Why get angry?

It's a luxury item, if you can't afford it don't do it. That simple.

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