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Comment Lipstick on a pig (Score 2) 113

I think this is bullshit. This isn't "We're skipping 2 and going straight for 3", this is "2 sucks, and we need to work on it more, so we're going to keep working on it and what we were going to call v2 is now called v3 since it conveniently slots into v3 release cycle"

horse shit lies, lol

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 153

i believe one of the major mistakes people are making with bitcoin is thinking that bitcoins are only useful if they can be used to buy something.

The bitcoin has been relatively stable for a pretty long time. Trade volume is stable and growing, so the market works really well to transfer value over borders. Think like western union on steroids.

Due to the long term stability, the bitcoin market is beginning to be trusted as an alternate and easy to access method of storing or transferring value, not necessarily just to buy stuff.

Comment exclusivity (Score 1) 134

when your main point of value is a contractual construct you're doing something wrong.

creating a walled garden or an exclusivity window in an aim to increase desirability through limited availability is just fundamentally wrongheaded.

theatre owners should drive people to the film for the quality of the experience, not the fact that it's the only place you can see the movie.

i will never have a huge screen and massive sound system at home. i will never have high performance digital projectors that can deliver high fps.

deliver a good movie and a good experience and people will go, regardless of any wall erected.

Comment Re:Can a corporate security officer comment (Score 5, Insightful) 314

that is a totally out of context comment from an anonymous poster.

large corporate entities will not deploy windows 10 for years anyway due to incompatible or uncertified line of business software platforms. it has nothing to do with this particular feature.

moreover, this has to do with logging into your account, nothing to do with windows 10 pro joined to a domain.

Comment Re:Investigating if laws were broken (Score 4, Insightful) 312

regular citizens can never know if they're breaking the law, there are so many of them after all, but therein lies an interesting thing. the law is rarely applied based on who is breaking the law, but rather who the person is.

anyone can be singled out and have their life turned upside down by law enforcement, it's all a matter of application. application of the law occurs on people who already have their feet wet and lower socio economic classes.

keep your nose clean and you won't run afoul of the law. I'd say that especially goes for "do no harm to anyone else" areas, that's how you first get in trouble, is if you assault or cause a harm to someone else. that raises your profile initially and from then on the system is inadvertently designed to focus on you and drive you into the ground.

most people get away with all kinds of minor crimes, so long as they don't actually physically or monetarily harm someone else (or be black) you won't get dragged into the undertow of the criminal justice system.

Comment Re:Overdramatic (Score 1) 42

I agree, surprised to see exactly what I was going to say. It's possible the author is english as a second language or something, so I'll withold judgement, but Starvation is far more apt than strangulation. Strangulation implies an outside actor, starvation does not.

Comment Re:Jamming unlinced spectrum is illegal? (Score 1) 278

I don't think you completely understand Air Marshal. Or maybe I do. What do you think?

Air Marshal is recognizing a client is on the LAN by way of a non-Meraki AP, and then sending that client an 802.11n de-auth, so that it doesn't work, and the man in the middle attack is stopped. It doesn't interfere or attack other AP's. Basically, in order for this to work, the rogue AP has to be connecting into the Meraki network.

Am I wrong? That's how I read the whitepaper.

Comment Re:Statistics as standalone field (Score 1) 115

it seems to me that statisticians are CS overlapping with practical insight.

When a report is prepared, it takes consideration to define all of the inputs and modifiers that lead to a successful statistical analysis. Without this hard-to-define inputs, i can see how and why a CS-only based approach to stats fails.

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