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Journal Journal: Embryonic Rights, part V 4

I had managed to reply to some of your posts before the comments closed on the last journal entry; here are the ones I didn't get to in time.

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Journal Journal: Embryonic Rights, part IV 14

One of these days I'm going to set up a blog where I can have indefinite exchanges; in the meantime, I had to get started on a new project, and comments were archived, so here's the next continuation.

I'll just quote the comments I'm responding to in bold (seems simpler than recreating those posts).


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Journal Journal: Embryonic Rights, part III 18

Picking up the thread again, as time permits. I just totally ran out of spare time for a while there.

Discussion background for the random visitor:
* Started in the "Start of Life Gene Discovered" article. Comments closed mid-discussion.
* Rescued when cagle_.25 hosted a continuation in his journal. Comments closed mid-discussion.

I'll insert full copies of the posts I'm responding to (as the anon user) so there's some kind of continuity. cagle_.25, if/when you have the time we can keep making our way through; when this one gets archived (if we're still going) I can pop up another journal entry.

I like this method of conversation -- we can take the time to mull over a new idea before replying; we can check back to what we argued earlier; we have the time to double-check some dimly-remembered stat, etc..


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