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Journal Journal: Finally went and did it.

I finally went and registered a domain, and set up the site.
It's nothing fancy, the only thing I think is important is that it blatantly advertises the stupidity of not using Standards compliant code for a website.
I added the domain to my bookmarks here on /.

I also do not use any client-side scripting such as javascript, ajax, flash or activex. (sic)
Sites that make use of client-side scripting are designed to breach security of the end user's system, reduce the number of people that can view the site, as well as violate the criminal code of most Countries.
  [ Yes, client-side scripting is seen as "Unauthorized access" by the wording of the laws re-guarding access to electronic equipment. ]

Ajax, being the "latest and greatest" for use on websites, goes even further. By keeping the connection open with the constant data transfer, everyone who is NOT living in one of the 12 countries that have unlimited free phone service at home pays through the nose for the data transfer used by AJAX powered websites. This means your ecommerce site running AJAX, designed to make you money, is costing your potential customer money, costing them in performance of their system, and breaking International Business law that REQUIRES you to pay for the cpu time used in that case.
[ You are aware that VISA Corporation's "Global Gateway" site is 100% javascript, requiring VISA to PAY YOU for using their site under International Business Law? ]

These sites that are extremely Graphics intensive also drive the cost of visiting up for the majority of the world. I firmly beleive that if a site cannot be viewed in lynx, or links then it is a poor design and I'm gone, never to return.
[ W3C site Web Accessability Initiative ] Is a good thing for ALL web Designers to read. /. itself is not usable in lynx or links, neither support tables. [ a limitation in the browsers ] When it's a simple layout like tables I don't worry about non usablility in these browsers, it's when the content is completely based in some technology that is not part of the Standard that a site is truly useless. [ Flash, image maps, or any other non text friendly content tools. ]

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