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Journal Journal: hacking fuel

stupid friday morning... I'm having trouble concentrating on work...

so I decided to figure out when it would be cost effective to blend 87 octane fuel with 114 octane toluene compared to 91 octane fuel.

so to come to a 91 octance blend, it takes 85% (87 octane fuel) and 15% (114 octane toluene).

  • assuming that 91 octane will be roughly 10% more in cost compared to 87 octane. (so when a gallon of 87 octane is $2, 91 octane is $2.20)
  • assuming the price of Toluene doesn't fluctuate with the market, I fixed it $5 a gallon.

It turns out the break even point is $3 for 87 octane. For a given gallon, 85% 87 octane is $2.56 plus 15% Toluene is $0.74 for a total of $3.30 a gallon for a blended 91 octane fuel.

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Journal Journal: Customized cars from the factory

woohoo... According to AutoWeek, monster Toyota is dabbling with custom cars. Cusomized cars will be delivered in weeks, instead of months. This is great news. Where Toyota leads will others like Honda and Nissan follow? Apparently BMW Minis do this and I know Audis have this option. Maybe this will push overseas factorys expedite custom orders as well. Instead of waiting for 3 to 4 months for overseas order, only 2 months? I could live with 2 months.


Journal Journal: Star Trek - Nemesis

Oh man, Start Trek Nemesis blew chunks bad. I just stopped watching it on DVD couple of minutes ago. It was so bad it's a "I couldn't finish it" type deals.

The movie should have been a regular 1 hour episode spliced together with another plot. The movie combined the worst of Star Trek cliches. Magic flows out of Mr. Data hands magically breaking password protected doors. Areas of the ship that seems to serve no purpose make magical cliff hangers. Romulans become soft with a guilty concious. Arg...

I've spent enough time chattering about this... This gets a 0 out of 5 because I couldn't sit through it.


Journal Journal: X2

I saw X2 this Memorial Day. It was a good well paced action movie showing a bit more of the multi-movie story arc. Definately not a date movie since non-fans of the series are constantly asking who's who and who is exactly the bad guy. The movie could have done a better job describing who's who and recapping from the first movie. But that probably would have ruined the pacing of the movie, making it much too long. Maybe in the directors cut of the DVD?

Going to watch movies before noon is definately the way to go. Not crowded and good seatings. The downside is the riff raff. One person besides my had a cell phone go off. There were some 8 year old kid behind me who couldn't sit still. No babies crying and no fan boys screaming with joy when their favorite characters made an appearence.

Phoung wouldn't stop nudging me when the RX-8 made it's appearence. The car looks nice but it was a blatent product placement skit. The camera swung to the rear of the car clearly showing the Mazda badge and RX-8 nameplate, twice. They didn't make it as a big of a deal as I thought, no gun pods or jet pods popped out. Anyways I can't wait to take delivery my much more stealthy RX-8.


Journal Journal: 2003 May 24th, Saturday 10

Hi all,

This Saturday is Annoy Phuong Day featuring the Gaggle of Gaming Geeks (G3). They are making an appearence at the Boonies (Jack's house).

Scheduled to appear, Time Crisis in glorious 16 : 9 mode on the unfortunately now small Tosiba 34HD82. If the Guncon fails to work, or we get bored, playing backup is Super Monkey Ball on the GameCube. And if we get really bored, it's the ever exciting "Help Jack Set Up the Garage" game and "Finish the UHF Antenna Installation" game. Or we could go to Magic Mountain....


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