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Journal Journal: God

the topics today are a snoozefest and a half

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Journal Journal: ahhh 1

i have not been here in a long time, and rarely skim the headlines that come in my email box...and yet...whatever headline it was that drew me here I have forgotten to the forest of slashdotness I once recalled. I like hanging with the nerds here though most of them think they are cool for being agnostic, as if that was a cool intellectual rebellious thing to do. As if magick isn't merely the spaces that science can't yet define....such as the power of a rose upon the psyche...we can describe the process scientifically, but we cannot describe with science the feelings, and emotions, and desires that the sight, scent, and smell of the flower evokes. That is the realm of the poets and songwriters, and that is the realm magick attempts to bridge to science. We must use metaphor to effect change in humans, and that is what magick excels at. I have long found magick to be more successful in getting me what I want than expensive months at shrinks or seminars. Science is amazing. It makes the most amazing gadgets. However, psychology and psychiatry, the so-called sciences of the brain, leave much to be desired. Frankly, they seem centuries behind even the Ancient Greeks in understanding how to make men and women happy.

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