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Journal Journal: I'm this guy

I'm a professor of electrical engineering at a reasonably well-known university in the United States.

My nom-de-electron, "Inspector Lopez", is in fact an allusion to my dear dog, Lopez, whose long "warrior name" is "Inspector Lopez of the Lopez Bureau of Investigation." I admit that this makes no sense at all.

I play cello, violin, and piano, not at the same time, and in mediocre fashion.

I grew up on a farm. I was persuaded not to make farming my career.

On my first date with the woman whom I later married, I made her dizzy while driving. When we arrived at our destination, she leaned out of the car and vomited. I say this in order to encourage slashdottirs everywhere.

If you have just got to, got to, figure out who I am, try a bit of googling on "passive radar." Use clues in this eloquent e-pistle, and you'll be able to get to me.

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