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Comment Re:bye bye rand paul (Score 5, Insightful) 438

lol you made up your mind long before that and just wanted an excuse to generalize and bash a party you do not agree with.
Okay, so you're saying lumping an entire party together and generalizing and bashing them is a bad thing. That's a reasonable argument to make.

That's why we refer to you democrats as "sheeple" and you fit the status quo.
And yet you lump both yourself ("we") into one camp, and others you disagree with into another camp, and use childish* name-calling to bash the ones you disagree with and have preconceived notions about? You're either a brilliant troll or have the self-awareness and memory of a goldfish**.

* yes, I am generalizing about children being immature
** and goldfish

Comment Re:That's one rich Russian (Score 3, Insightful) 130

Amount of people in in the building about 3000

And that would be relevant if the response to 9/11 was to protect the world trade center site. But it's not. The response has been to blow trillions of dollars on invading two countries (losing more lives than were lost in 9/11 in the process), engaging in a basically perpetual and unwinnable "war on terror", throwing out civil rights in the name of "security", and starting and organization dedicated to groping people trying to get on an airplane.

If saving lives was really a driving concern those dollars could be spent far more wisely.

Comment Appeal to sense of pride (Score 1) 133

If there's one thing politicians of all flavors love it's jingoism. Maybe what we really need to do is reignite the sense of competitiveness by pointing out how the Europeans are leaving the US in the dust when it comes to making new discoveries like the Higgs Boson, and give them something to harp about to their voters when the US wins the race to make the next big discover.

Comment Re:Oh, they can fuck right off. (Score 1) 258

Firstly, you're wrong, there is plenty of video evidence of a knife being thrown. Secondly, you're just trying to bring irrelevant issues in here... this is not the case of some guy being shot while running away. The cop involved here is not the one in London or elsewhere, and he very clearly was being aggressive here.

Let's flip things around for a second. When someone attempts to use deadly force, why should they be entitled to be treated with kid gloves? Why should the people responding to a situation take on additional risk to themselves or bystanders instead of taking the most expedient action to end the situation. If you threaten someone else's life as far as I'm concerned your life is forfeit. If they happen to take you down alive with a non-lethal shot or something else you should count yourself lucky. If your "doing something stupid" involves throwing knives at people you absolutely should expect to get shot.

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