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Comment Re:Deprecation shouldn't start at the browser (Score 2) 108

If you set it up such that mails from, say, VeriSign are sent directly to <bobfromaccounting@example.com>, then you're DOING IT WRONG and you deserve what you get if a mail accidentally gets dropped because Bob got fired last year.

One obvious solution is to run your own mail server and create <certificates@example.com>, a forward to <bobfromaccounting@example.com> and finally a bit of logic such that a big scary warning is sent to the administrator account for the mail server if the forward should ever fail. Whatever you do, the account that the CA is sending mail to should NEVER have to change for any reason and it should always be assigned to some person in the company.

Comment Damned if you do... (Score 1) 502

MS's employees in Ireland might be criminally liable in the EU if they transmit the data outside EU borders. They might really really like Microsoft, but to the point of being willing to go to prison for the company? I think not.

We could potentially end up in a situation where the main branch of MS screams at the EU branch from across the Atlantic and no one over here is willing to comply.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 2) 211

Define "best"

Is it best because a user making a legitimate parody or review is likely to get a strike on their account because the automated ContentID system cannot tell the difference between a straight copy and what ought to be fair use?

Is it best because hateful crazies can get your account closed with a flood of phony copyright complaints?

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