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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Helping the world using one's IT skills?

InDi0 writes: "I am finishing my studies in Computer Science, and have a relatively broad IT-related experience. Inflating my bank account by seeking employment in a big firm is my next obvious career step. I though, feel the need to use my expertise to help people in need to improve their lives. Do any slashdotters have experience in working towards bringing progress to the developing world? Where can I start looking for projects where I can offer my expertise without expecting monetary compensation, only to enjoy a feeling of doing Good? Working for some food and shelter is all I ask, as long as its a project that matters."

Submission + - Solar Cells Waste Money, Save Energy

sciencebase writes: "A complete cost-benefit analysis of photovoltaic solar cells suggests that their cost far outweighs the financial savings one might expect from reduced electricity costs. On the other hand, the cradle to grave analysis carried out by the researchers also that from cradle to grave these devices actually save energy. The balance will tip in favor of solar cells should the cost of electricity generated using fossil fuels rise three or four times today's price or the efficiency of solar cells rise beyond a few percent. Full story here"

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