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Journal Journal: I wrote a novel in a month

I wrote a novel in a month for the National Novel Writing Month competition. It was a hard slog, but I pulled it off. Now I have writing fatigue, but I still need to finish my novel. It's not actually done, I just reached the 50,000 words required to win the competition.
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Journal Journal: /. Moderation Sucks 1

A recent comment of mine got modded down to -1, Flamebait, even though it was absolutely true. My comment was something along the lines of conductors in symphonies don't matter, than I got some stupid AC's replying to me who said that wasn't true. Then I got some people posting under their real /. accounts who have played in professional symphonies for decades who said that the conductor is just for rehearsal, and doesn't really affect the music during the performance. This backed up what I was originally saying against the AC's ... but it was already too late. My comment had already been modded down to -1, and once a comment reaches that threshold of oblivion, it seems very unlikely for it to ever be modded back up.
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Journal Journal: Messy argument with AC's 2

I've recently gotten into a nasty fight with some AC's. It started with a (lame) joke I posted to a thread, then an AC responded that it was old and rehashed, then I said he should have the balls to post under his own username, and then more ACs attacked me for my posting history and journal entries. It's not worth picking a fight with an AC - they have nothing to lose, but if you don't post anonymously you do have a lot to lose, like getting lots of people on your Freaks list.
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Journal Journal: College now 4

I'm in college now. Full scholarship to University of Maryland College Park, computer science major, got straight A's my first semester, just in case you were wondering. Winter Break is dragging on ... and on ... and on. I just want to go back to school now and be with my friends.

Journal Journal: School's Out!

So, it's official, I've graduate high school! Yeeha! A lot awaits me in life, but I at least I am somewhat satisfied knowing I have accomplished something not everyone gets gets to. I also have a full scholarship at University of Maryland, College Park (which a lot fewer people get), but I'm not bragging, really, I'm not ...

Anyway, I like the newsgroup Join me as I fight off the hordes of creationist trolls. Or if you are a creationist troll yourself - please, I implore you, do not come! My newsgroup nick is "Cyde Weys". Look for it. I post a lot.

Journal Journal: MechWarrior Nationals

I'll be out this whole weekend at the MechWarrior CMG Nationals in Philly, PA. It's 3 days of non-stop MechWarrior fun. It's also a big gaming convention - lots of famous people are going to be there, such as Ray Park (Darth Maul), the guy who played Boba Fett, and the dwarf who played R2-D2. It should be interesting! Maybe I'll get some cool limited edition stuff and sell it on eBay. I'll try to ask Ray Park if he's seen the Star Wars Kid :-)

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