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Journal Journal: Disagree\Kook Moderation

I saw "there isn't a -1 disagree modifier for a reason, -1 offtopic and -1 troll aren't valid substitutes." in a user's tag line in Slashdot today.
I think there should be such a moderation. I know I can actually alter the values of the moderation and set it to zero. Perhaps it should default to a 0 modification and users can set it to -1. I could see value in at least giving people who think other users's comments are wrong or kooks a place to vent it. This would allow those of us who are interested in the alternative perspectives a chance at seeing them more easily.

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Journal Journal: Dice

I recently saw the quote, "Not only does God play dice, but...he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen." by Stephen Hawking.

My assessment: The last time I checked, the only person at my game table who could do that was the DM/GM behind the dice shield. All the DMs I have played with are pretty crazy type people. So if that is any kind of hint, then expect our DM to have a seriously demented sense of humor. The best you can do is try to figure out how to be on his good side so he can fix your bad rolls.


Journal Journal: Michigan man sues with Junk Fax laws against SPAM and wins.

I saw a news posting on Slashdot that disappeared within minutes. I can't find it and I must have gotten really lucky.
Anyway, it was about the article at http://www.linxnet.com/misc/spam/mi_spamsuit.html where a Michigan man took Sears to court with some spam he got in e-mail. He argued his computer was a fax machine and the e-mail was the fax. He won and Sears chose not appeal it.

Why did such a posting get removed? It would definitely count as a good win for techies and nerds who want to replicate the success.


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Journal Journal: What to fight over. Or not. 1

I saw this in Oculus Habent's sig:
"I don't like butterscotch, but I do like vanilla. You don't see friggin holy wars over pudding, though, do you?"

And I just want to say my two cents on this:
Yeah, but you aren't going to hell if you're wrong and the other guy is right about his religion. So, to feel better, you go to war to make sure god(s) don't get confused over who to believe.

I figure picking a religion is harder than picking lottery numbers. You only get one chance to win no matter how many tickets you tried on the way because you only get the one you had when your chance was up.


PS, I like both. :)

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Journal Journal: Lots of thinking, I hate thinking.

I hate it when my thoughts keep going in circles. I just makes me more frustrated at the problem with no solution. Or at least no acceptable solutions.

    I don't care what others think of Kingdom Hearts, it does a good job of keeping my concentration off of my unsolvable problem. Although whenever I do that, eventually it all hits at once. I can't win.

    I'm a single 23 year old nice guy with a good stable job that I enjoy and I own my own condo with a great 15 minute commute to work in the DC area. If I had to pick my problems, this is probably a good set to be stuck with.


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Journal Journal: Oh yeah, Happy B-Day to me!

It's my Birthday.

My perpetual Bday/Xmas wish list is fairly short and if you think you qualify, let me know:
I want a girlfriend.

I already got my own place, plenty of computers, good job, working on my fifth year! A car that's paid off and works well. Needs some cosmetic repairs but I live in Northern Virginia, so what do I expect for a car anyway (Dem roads here be dangrous)?



Journal Journal: $pbthth'ddd or something like that.

I think you have to have a 0 or better karma to metamoderate, if you are at -1 or less, you probably won't get the opportunity.

I'll note if I loose the ability later and I'm still positive.


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Journal Journal: And so it begin 666 journal.txt...

Well, after much disuse, I dust of my Slashdot account to mostly not use it much, but just not be annonymously surf the site...
Anyway, Hi!


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